About healing itself


Calming exercises such as:

breathing techniques and

meditations will be provided,

as well as protection affirmations

and a healing plan specific to your healing journey.

Each individual is responsible for the success of their own healing.

Due to the effort they put in given the tools exercises that are provided. Given the knowledge and guidance with each service provided,


you are guaranteed to see a difference, especially in your self-growth and healing

I'm going to take you on your unique stubborn inner journey.

You will then gain insights into when or where the blockages originated.

You come into contact with your old traumas, stored emotions and memories.

You will feel and embrace this one. You will convert the beliefs you established then into a positive mindset.

You will regain balance physically, emotionally and mentally.

And that ensures that you regain your strength.

You return to your own core and you reconnect with a higher self.

You will understand why certain things happened and

why you have held a certain belief about it.

Because you can understand it, you can deal with it more easily and that takes care of it

that you can let it go.


This gives a light and liberating feeling.

Physical complaints will also disappear afterwards.

Everything in your body starts flowing again and that has a healing effect.

Every blockage, every process has a message that you can learn something from.

It gives you new insights and takes you further on your life path.



Complex PTSD

Trauma in children/adults

Behavioral problems

Body pain


Negative thoughts and emotions of self or others


If you are thinking this can help you contact me

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