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I Karin Eagle Star Woman  have my practice in Mediumship in Creil

the Noordoostpolder (Flevoland)

as a Profoundly Psychic Medium I work in my practice or via Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp

During a session at my practice I will put you in touch with your own

feeling and putting you in touch with your higher spiritual Center also called your sacred Dove.

This allows us to look together where the cause lies in order to get to a deeper core.


I'm going to take you on your unique wise inner journey.

You will then gain insights into when or where the blockages originated.

You come into contact with your old traumas, stored emotions and memories.

You will feel and embrace this one. You will convert the beliefs you established then into a positive mindset.

You will regain balance physically, emotionally and mentally. And that ensures that you regain your strength. You return to your own core and you reconnect with a higher self. You will understand why certain things happened and

why you have held a certain belief about it.

Because you can understand it, you can deal with it more easily and that takes care of it

that you can let it go. This gives a light and liberating feeling.

Physical complaints can also disappear afterwards. Everything in your body starts flowing again and that has a healing effect.

Every blockage, every process has a message that you can learn something from.

It gives you new insights and takes you further on your life path.


I also work with Healing.

I do this by working with my hands on a treatment bed under a blanket, and possibly with the healing method that is recommended for

you can work well after I have had a non-binding intake interview with you.

How do I do my Readings?

First of all, you take the rest and time for me, there should be no distractions from partners and or family members and friends (They can come along, remember it's your party as I always say), you come to me for yourself and for the messages and healing that are personal to you. Like doctors, I also have a duty of confidentiality, it is a private consultation. Privacy is my priority.

from the first feeling I tune in to your energy, I will then fine-tune it,

then I can see what's there!

and where does it come from?

and what can I give you for advice and advice. and you don't have to do anything with it that's your choice.


How I get the energy from you, I get that in 6 different ways.


* Clear hearing, that's words and sounds that can be songs that I get to explain

* Feeling clear, those are emotions and pains that are connected to it.

* To know clearly is then that I just know. ( I go for this in my universal library called Akashic records )

* See clearly, then I get to see a movie or pictures or items in my head.

* Smell clear, I can smell certain scents then it can be a perfume or just outside scents or whatever.

* Clear tasting, I then taste certain things myself, at first that may have had to do with medication, but also, for example, good food or other certain items.

* I also read photos and make contact with the deceased. When this happens, they often announce themselves.


Every person is unique and has her or his own qualities, but these are not always visible.

This is often due to the blockages one has acquired through life. I help you to remove these blockages.


A Medium is a translator of the Universe,

and thus has the ability and talent to understand and translate the spiritual world.

And a medium has the ability to communicate with the spiritual world.

Predicting the future is tricky and I don't do much,

because what I tell you can affect your path in life,

I do lift the corners of the veil to illuminate you on your own unique life path,

this has to do with the life path (also called Karma) of the person who has chosen this,

and now everyone is able to turn his or her future through the power of thought, so that's how you call each other a Co-Creator of your life path.

With my work as a Psychic Medium I am helped by my guides and I have been allowed to do this work for many years.

I sometimes go into Trance and then channel the energy of a deceased loved one and then tell symbols or words  that are then recognized.

I also use my healing gift a lot and am I a Reiki Master or can I use another healing form,

and may I guide you to find and go on your Unique life path again.

If you feel I can do something for you, feel free to contact me!

P.S. By the way, I also give workshops in Mediumship, Reiki healing,

More information can be found under workshops.

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