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I am Karin Eagle Star Woman,

an experienced medium and healer who specializes in providing soul and physical healing to humans and animals

My unique approach includes working with Angels and universal energy,

allowing me to give a deeper power to my healing.


My knowledge and skills have been further enriched through my studies and certifications

in different disciplines.

I am trained in the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho System and certified as a Reiki Master, which enhances my healing work. In addition, I am also a Master Magnified Healing Teacher and practitioner of the Access Consciousness Bars.

With this diverse background I can use a wide variety of techniques and approaches to help people.

In my work as a medium and healer I am constantly assisted by my personal guides

and especially the Angels. They are my source of inspiration, guidance and support.

Because of their presence and guidance I can sometimes lift a corner of the veil and

together with you see which path you can walk.


With lifelong experience in my practice, I have developed a deep understanding

of my bright talents and gifts.

I am:



clairaudience and




In addition, I can pick up feelings during a consultation and I have the opportunity

to connect with deceased loved ones.


My observations and intuitive abilities allow me to have a deeper understanding

and assist in addressing emotional and spiritual challenges.

For specific questions I also use Tarot, in which Spirit helps me

spot-on for you.

Despite my special gifts, I keep my feet on the ground.


As a down-to-earth Frisian, I use my common sense and intuition to make sure

that my work is not perceived as 'floating'.

I am focused on providing my clients with practical support and a

realistic approach. My goal is to be safe and supportive

creating an environment in which you can open yourself to healing, insight and growth.

If you are seeking healing, guidance and a deeper understanding of yourself and your path in life,

you have come to the right place.


I am here to help, support and join you on a journey of transformation

and personal development.

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P.S. By the way, I also give workshops in Mediumship, Reiki healing,

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