Do you know your birth number? This number provides insight into your personality and life mission. Your birth number is part of numerology: the psychology, philosophy and science of numbers. Add the digits of your date of birth and continue counting the individual digits until you are left with one. Read what your birth number means and calculate for others.

Example 20-1-1986
Step 1
Step 2
The birth number: 9
Master numbers
Only if after the first step you reach 11, 22 or 33 you do not count further. These are the master numbers that represent a special life mission. Numerology can be applied to everything. For example, you can also calculate your house number or relationship number (add your birth numbers together). But what does the outcome mean?

1 = Leader
Some are individualistic. Courageous people with boundless energy. They are sincere, lively, creative and determined. Some like to be in control, are often dominant and rarely take things from others. Developing self-confidence is central to their lives.

2 = Helper
The two are sensitive and intuitive. Twos are ready for everyone, are loving, observant and diplomatic. They need confirmation and can sometimes lose sight of their own interests. Saying no and becoming independent are the challenges in the lives of the two.

3 = Romantic
Threes are dreamers. Sensitive people with great empathy. They are communicative and experience their lives intensely. That sometimes makes them dramatic and erratic. The three is nostalgic, clings to the past, and dreams of a bright future. Self-realization is the life theme of the three.

4 = Disciplined
Fours work hard and are serious and humorous. People with birth number four have discipline, they are persistent, reliable, critical, perfectionistic and sometimes straightforward. Their challenge lies in developing flexibility.

5 = Epicurean
Adventurers and innovators. Fives are enthusiastic about life and care a lot about their freedom. They are optimistic, charismatic and sometimes restless types. Accepting that less pleasant things are part of life is essential for fives. Just like the realization of their many ideas.

6 = Harmonious
Sixes are warm and loyal. Real family people who strive for peace and harmony above all else. They love beautiful things and pampering. Opposed to this positive attitude to life are doubt, indecision and jealousy. Developing courage and confidence and always seeing the possibilities is important for sixes.

7 = Philosopher
Intellectual and philosophical. The seven is the thinker among the birth numbers. They are contemplative, analytical and mystical people with sharp observational skills. They can appear distant and are often soloists. The challenge for sevens is to show their emotional side.

8 = Successful
Ambition represents the eight, driven by a strong inner force. They are successful, dynamic and go straight to their goals. An eight is a real workaholic who sometimes puts his true feelings in second place when it suits him. For eights, the challenge is to connect material desires with the spiritual.

9 = Giver
Nines are versatile, open-minded and peace-loving. They have endless patience and are focused on harmony and unconditional giving. They must guard against being stubborn and indecisive which can bring them to a standstill. Developing assertiveness and decisiveness to make clear choices are themes for the nine.

11 = Seer
Inspirer with a strong intuition and spiritual mission. Elves are often idealistic and can touch others deep in their souls. They are eccentric people who sometimes appear impractical. The elf finds a challenge in trusting his intuition.

22 = Analyst
The twenty-two year old views life and the many projects he undertakes from a helicopter view. With their strong mind they can direct and motivate. Efficient people who can analyze well, but for whom heavy pressure can lead to fear or despair. Uniting the extraordinary with the practical is the life mission of twenty-two.

33= Healer
Enlightened people with a healing ability. The thirty-three often has an eventful life. They sense the worldly and provide it with a spiritual meaning. They must be careful not to end up in a victim role by embracing life fully.