What is Holistic Healing


Healing' means:
'healing' or 'making whole'.
It's about balancing
a person's energy system.
A healing works holistically, i.e. healing for the entire person.
This means that healing can take place on the spiritual level,
physically, spiritually and emotionally. During a
healing becomes the body's self-healing capacity
stimulated, the energy field is purified, energy blockages
be lifted and the cause of a complaint addressed.
You will receive what you need at that moment.


A healer is, as it were, a 'transmitter' of universal energy.
The healer provides pure information through guides and helpers
are of great importance to and support the person seeking help
in his/her life processes.
The healing is passed on through the healer to the one who becomes
treated by laying on of hands. It is energy from the Source,
so it is not the energy of the healer himself that you receive.

We visit a healer when we are mentally or physically exhausted
balance, being stuck in a relationship, when we are sick,
being tired, unstable or irritable.
A healing usually takes place on a treatment table, the client
is dressed and the healer moves his/her hands (in consultation).
above the body or touching the body.


Distance healing can also be given.

This is possible if someone is unable to visit the healer.
The bond and trust between the practitioner and client is important.
Use your intuition when looking for a reliable and knowledgeable one
healer or, if you would like, ask for an introductory meeting.


Reactions to a healing can include:

feeling heat/cold




receiving insights

total relaxation

increasing energy

initial worsening or disappearance of the pain/complaints

better processing of problems

a feeling of joy and well-being

emotional release

it often promotes sleep

more connected to your feelings


The effects of a healing can

be noticeable immediately… and in some cases  it may take a while.
A healing is aimed at creating more energetic balance in you and the person
world around you.
Healing initiates the process in which you grow towards your true Self.


What does a healing treatment entail?
I work with this healing purely over the telephone, don't worry, it really works.

We do this together in sessions of 3 x the first session is always the intake,
This can take more than an hour to 2 hours, because I really want to know everything about you from your birth to the present, then I can then start recording your timeline,
the second time, a week later, we will be in touch again by telephone, and then I will go with you
do a clean-up session of your timeline together with you, this will most likely be the case
again take 1 hour to an hour and a half. Afterwards I will give you important things, these will be delivered to you via PDF by email, then you will start working on them, and after 3 weeks
we have our final session, I will clean up any remaining matters together with you.
Please note that we have no contact during those 3 weeks, so that the healing can do its work.
After all, I will send you an email after a few weeks of these sessions and ask how you are doing and how you have repackaged your life so that you can now experience all the beautiful things in life.
can see and experience.


What to expect after a full comprehensive healing session
Ensure healthy energetic hygiene

- Disconnecting negative energy attachments
-Daily protection regiment for protection around your energy field
-Better health and less pain Understanding your power of self-healing
-Healthier and positive thoughts chatter
-Healthy boundaries and better relationships with others
-Corrective skills for triggers or trauma responses
-Keep your home and energy around you clean, clear and protected
-Self-love and confidence
-Grounded and more self-confident
-Consciously living in a higher frequency and higher state of being


Costs of these 3 consecutive treatments: €444,-

I would urge you to always consult your GP or specialist first if you have any complaints. If they can't find anything special, I may be able to initiate something that will result in an improvement for you.


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