What is a Clairvoyant Medium
Psychic medium


As a medium, I tune in to you during a consultation and let the spirits determine what may come next.

The advice and messages we receive from the Light World are loving and uplifting, positively focused on your personal circumstances.

In addition to messages, we also often encounter blockages from this life or even from a previous life, which hinder you on your life path. Under my guidance and through interaction, you will gain insight,

you become aware of your blockage, the emotion is released, you can let go and transform it,

so that you can start following your path again. During the consultation I also work with healing for the sake of healing

and have a restorative effect, both physically and mentally.

The body is encouraged to use its self-healing ability.

I do this, among other things, with universal healing energy.

Trance Healing can be used for any illness, for all pain complaints and

also for emotional blockages that cause stress, burnout and depression,

it is a very effective method. You can ask the spirits anything, they want to be whole

would like to work with us and show us that life does not end after death.

Of course, this does not mean that we will receive immediate answers to all questions.

Everything comes in its time, we cannot influence that time.

You are offered what you can handle and what you need at that moment.

What exactly is a medium?
Medium is an age-old profession that has been pushed into the background by the rise of Christianity, but is now seen as a 'normal' profession again.

Where in the past many people had a wise 'medicine woman or man' or 'seer' within their lives

community, it is now increasingly common to see a medium or psychic

to take in hand.

Fortunately, interest in the paranormal is becoming positive and seen as normal.


The paranormal qualities of a medium are in many cases innate or genetically determined.

In the past, people said that such a person was born 'with the helmet'.

Near-death experiences also often provide a stimulus for mediumistic gifts.

What a medium does can be compared to what happened in the past within a telephone exchange.

When someone contacted someone else by telephone, the correct answer was received at such an exchange

connection established. A medium basically does the same thing.

The difference is that a medium picks up the energy from the 'sender' and converts it into words

or images and then transmits them to the recipient.


In such a case, it does not matter to a medium whether a person has died or not.

In fact, such a "mediator" provides proof that life does not end after death,

but that there is only a 'comma' between this life and the life after it.

A medium is therefore nothing more than a channel of information. Every form of life consists of energy, stored in pyramids (crystal shapes). Man programs himself

to store everything he experiences in a pyramidal form as energy.

Not only water, sugar and salt, but also the human body is made up of cells with a pyramid structure.


The only thing a medium does is transmit the energy, the information that a deceased person transmits.

pick it up, decipher it, translate it into images and language and then pass it on.

At the same time, it makes it possible to ask questions to the deceased.

Compare it to a satellite that receives information in images and sound and transmits it to a television screen, or as a transmitter that sends information to the satellite.

In the same way a medium communicates with deceased persons.


You can check yourself whether the connection established by such a 'human telephone exchange' is

is good by not telling anything about the deceased and providing characteristic information about the medium

to let him pass it on.

This only works if the deceased really wants to communicate with the medium.

Because believe it or not, free will also exists on the 'other side'.

I hope this has given you some information


Karin Eagle Star Woman

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