I am Karin Eagle Star Woman. My birth name is Karin  Lameijer and I am married to  Egbert Talen.

I grew up in Sneek Friesland  In The Netherlands in a family of six children

of which I am the second youngest. And my youngest sister died already.

At a very young age I was already very special. my mother called me her 'Angel on Earth'.

You can also call me a New Age Child or H.S.P. to call.

My mother explained to me that what I knew, saw, felt, heard, smelled and tasted was quite normal,

because her grandmother had that too, and worked with it.

And I really have to add that my mother really wasn't always sweet  despite the fact that I learned a lot from her , growing up in this family was really quite difficult it was really no roses scent and moonshine in my early childhood had to deal with sexual abuse, this has precisely ensured that my capacities have grown so much, and that I can and may use them to the fullest.

All people on earth are born with these gifts/talents.

It is up to you how you will use this, and in what way.

One becomes an artist, the other becomes a singer, you name it.


I have chosen to practice the Ancient Divination profession because it is my life's job to HELP.

When I was young, I knew I was in a special position, but it wasn't understood.

I became engulfed; I was stupid and weird because I knew things I couldn't know.

I often isolated myself; i preferred to be in nature so i could talk to animals flowers insects and nature Sylphs.

My mother also didn't really allow me to play with other children, which I often found difficult.

I don't feel connected to real friends or girlfriends now. So I never found it again.

It wasn't always easy at home either. I have been through a lot with Narcissism alcoholism, sexual abuse and physical violence.

My life was not bed of roses.

I did not come out of the battle unscathed, but mentally much stronger and richer.
My first marriage was not good either. In the eight years that it has lasted, I have been abused both mentally and physically.
And yet I also came out of this stronger and more powerful.

The marriage ended when my spiritual guide said to me: 'Karin, isn't it about time you started walking your own path, your own and especially your own happiness?'

So I immediately left my marriage.

Some time after my divorce, I met my current husband.

He is my soul mate and he fully supports me in what I do. together we have 4 children no longer living at home and now together 6 grandchildren.

We love pets and have 3 cats and 1 dog.

Lots of fun and unconditional love in the house.

And since 2019 we live in the beautiful village of Creil in the Noordoostpolder.


What I can and may do for people

I give healing to people. This is happening through me through the Angels and universal energy.

I give this healing extra power through my study of first Reiki 1 and 2 and Master certified in the Reiki  Usui Shiki Ryoho System.

Later Magnified Healing® came my way; I am certified as a Master Magnified Healing® Teacher, and the Practitioner of 3rd phase light healing. I am also a practitioner of the Access consciousness®️ Bars.

I am assisted in everything by my personal guides and especially the Angels.

Sometimes I get to lift a tip of the veil and see with you which path you can walk.

Why do I use the Shaman name Eagle Star Woman?
I have been initiated into the Wolfclan Teachings 3 times and that is why I received my beautiful name from the spirit. I am not authorized to give Wolf Clan Teachings myself, but my Dancing Cloud teacher in Leeuwarden is.

My experience and knowledge
I have had my practice for over 28 years now.
I am clear knowing, clear feeling, clairaudient and clairvoyant. I smell or taste things. So I observe a lot. I also make contact with deceased loved ones. Because of my talents I pick up feelings during a consultation. I know how to regulate this well, so it does not hinder me further in the consultation. I also just use my common sense and intuition so it doesn't get 'floaty'. I also literally stand with both feet on the ground precisely because my zodiac sign and ascendant are both earth signs. And because I am a down-to-earth Frisian.
I worked for a while for other very well-known call lines. Yet with these call lines there was a lot of envy that I didn't feel at home with.
And when Jos approached me, it felt very nice.

I have now obtained my certificate for Holistic energetic therapist  with a Light Leaders Academy at B.Devine in America

if you also want to go here for this wonderful education

Do you want to undergo such a nice Holistic healing from me, look here Holistic healing



!! In case of health problems, always consult your doctor or specialist. !!



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